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Friday, February 24, 2006 

blogging on blogging

In yesterday's math class we learned a few things about Pascal's Triangle, a.k.a. The Precious Mirror of the Four Elements, which is what Shi Cheng called it until the name was changed to Pascal's Triangle. That triangle really intrigued me, and I think that triangle is cool, for it had many interesting connections with many things. Some things didn't even have to relate to math.
That triangle is also like a calculator. You can find, powers of 2, powers of 11, triangular numbers, tetrahedral numbers, hexagonal numbers, pentatope numbers, Fibonacci numbers, and so forth. What suprised me was there was a familiar number in that triangle which had a connection to biology. That number being, 14641, which deals with skin pigmentation. There are, most likely, more things about that triangle we haven't learned about yet in class.
Well that triangle is something that I've learned about that I thought was cool. Hopefully we'll get to learn more about that triangle. And hopefully there will be tonnes more of interesting stuff that we'll be learning during this topic on Probability.

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