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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Commutative Law :)

Hello there this is my post on the similarities and differences of mulitplying numbers and multiplying matricies!

The things that are the same about multiplying matricies and numbers is that you can multiply it 3x2 or 2x3 in both cases as long as the matricies are good and are not undefined, like the matricies must have dimensions where the two middle numbers are the same like if matrix A=3x2 and matrix B=2x3 and in this case the two matricies can commute wih each other.

The difference is that it doesnt matter which way you multiply numbers they will most likely be the same all of the time, now if you multiply a matrix where A=2x2 and B=3x2 it won't happen becuase it will come out undefined.

The commutative law says that it doesnt matter which way you x/+ by because it will always end up the same but it matters on which way you divide and subtract by because if you divide 3/2 and then swith it to 2/3 the answer will be different.

Example: A= 2 4 B= 2 4
6 8 6 8

Answer= If AxB= 28 40 If BxA= 28 40
60 88 60 88

You must multiply these matricies, and don't forget to usae your hands to count the ways or numbers, and that is the end of my assignment have a good day.:)

(* Remember to put square brackets around the matricies, unfortunatly i cant do that right now.)


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