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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Encrypting and Decrypting

Okay, for the 8 of us that showed up for class instead of excused skipping, mr. k had some fun lined up for us, and a sub-teacher. Matrices again but this time to decrypt and encrypt messages. First task was to figure out the teachers name, and that had a prize too, I won a sucker! lol then we, all 8 of us, combine our brain power to conqure the World assignment.

First to note is that there are two matrices labeled "Encrypt" and "Decrypt", note that when they are multiplied together they create an identity matrix. The message is changed character by character to number equvilants then those numbers were put into a 3x3 matrix and multiplied by the encrypting matrix to give us numbers used in the encrypted message. To get a readable message from the scrambled message you multiply by the decrypt matrix and change the numbers to their equvilants in the number-letter equivilant chart.

The Second class was a more interesting one with only 6 of us this time.... wierd how that worked out.... but with no more work for us to do Mr. K was called to assign us work. The Chapter 2.4 Review #1-9 which was fairly straight forward, but that probably only because i probably got some stuff wrong, i'll find out later though.... Laters :)

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