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Thursday, February 09, 2006 


Hi everyone =)

This is Steph, and this is what we did in class today..

To start things off we had a quiz -_- I hope everyone did good! While we were correcting the quizzes, Mr. Kuropatwa started talking about the provincial exams and showed us how they would be marking. It's very important that you don't leave out any intermediary steps; meaning you should be showing all of your work. If you don't, 1/2 marks will be taken off!! So everyone should get into the habit of doing that. After the quiz we recapped what we knew about matricies by doing some problems on the board.

Today we learned about connectivity matrices. From what I understand it deals with finding how many ways possible to go from one place to another by using the data from a matrix. Matrices can be used to summarize the routes between cities and to even calculate the different number of routes. These matrices are used to solve network problems.
The bus navigator on the internet uses matrices.

It's also useful to make a network diagram. A network diagram is used to build the initial connectivity matrix. Using a map gets confusing very fast. So instead you use a network diagram by making matrices. Take the assignment we did in class as an example; when you take the initial matrix and raise it to a power, it will determine the number of flights you will take. (You use your calculator for this).

Example: initial matrix
[ 0 1 0 ]
[ 1 0 1 ]
[ 0 1 0 ]

initial matrix to the power of 4
[ 0 1 0 ]^4 [ 2 0 2 ]
[ 1 0 1 ] = [ 0 4 0 ]
[ 0 1 0 ] [ 2 0 2 ]

After the assignment we worked on a group problem about animals having restrictions on sitting next to eachother :p

At the end of class Mr. K handed out our textbooks *yaaay* so we could finally do some homework.
If you haven't already finished page 55 - 59 ; questions 1 - 9, definitely finish that.
We also have page 64 - 67 ; ODD numbers only.
And our homework for tonight is on page 76 - 79 ; questions 1 - 7.

Tomorrow's scribe will be: Ivy.

Français/French Deutsch/German Italiano/Italian Português/Portuguese Español/Spanish 日本語/Japanese 한국어/Korean 中文(简体)/Chinese Simplified Nederlands/Dutch

Hmmm, i hope i explained that right....=S

You sure did! Good job Steph!

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