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Thursday, February 16, 2006 


Hi, Allan here. Today we just had the one class in the morning. The first part of the class we did practice problems on network and connectivity matrix. One of the problems asked for the fewest Relay Points. A relay point is a point that has to be passed to get to another. For example, if you have to get from A to C, and the only way to get there is through B, B would be the relay point.

After that, we got a small quiz about connectivity matrix. After the quiz Mr. K talked to us about the pre-test we'll have tomorrow. It'll have 5 questions on multiple choice, short, and long answers I think, but they will be similar to the test questions. After the pre-test we'll correct it in groups and hand in for marks. It's to prepare us for the test next Friday. With the test, he also reminded us about the first mark on our test that asks if we have posted. Read Blogging on Blogging if you haven't yet. He also talked about the movies on transition matrices he put up, and that we should always try those quizzes. Remember that we don't need to save our scores, the quizzes are there just to practice with.

About the end of class Mr. K showed how to turn a matrix into its inverse. You just put up a matrix and press the x^-1 key. Multiplying a matrix by its inverse should make an identity matrix.

Homework for tonight is the matrices and Codes worksheet, where you're encoding and decoding messages. There's a correction if you didn't catch it, in matrix [C] the -28 should be -27 on the third row third column.

I guess that's it,,, I know there's probably some stuff wrong or missing, so please comment!

Cait for tomorrows scribe.

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Good scribe Allan! I'm glad you included the correction from the handout and the reminder to everyone not to forget to post their Blogging on Blogging post.

Good job!

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