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Monday, February 27, 2006 


Wednesday 22, 2006

For those who were'nt able to come to class on Wednesday here it is. Mr. K start off our new topic,PROBABILITY. We did this little activity where we have to toss 3 coins (3 pennies) 30 times and we have to write how many times we got, exactly, 2 heads. One person got 16, highest, one person got 5, lowest, and 4 poeple got 10 which is the most. We haven't write anything that much, but here are some.

This is the theory that we came up with:
h = heads
t = tails

h t

h t h t

h t h t h t h t

hhh hht hth htt thh tht tth ttt

3 out 8 chances that, exactly, 2 heads and 1 tail will show up. This is how you set it up:

Formula for PROBABILITY:

3 = Is the chance of getting exactly 2 heads and 1 tail

8 = Is the total # of event that can happen

P(e) = The number (#) of favourable outcome/The total (#) of outcome

P(e) = 3/8

0.375 = 3/8

Probability can be written in:

Decimal = .375

Fraction = 3/8

Ratio = 3/8

I hope you get something from this!

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Good scribe post Hesy.

I think the tree diagram would look a lot better if you did it as a picture. You can use your paint program or draw tool if you have a works type program.

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