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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

something "cool"...

A comment on something that you've learned that you thought was "cool".

The cool thing I thought was the connectivity activites that we learned and did. Doing the direct routes kind of questions were pretty easy, but as we were given questions that had us figure out different routes like trying to get to a city by getting there in more than one way, kind of got tricky, but that was still cool since we got to think of other ways. It's cool cause what we're learning, its what airports, buses, and other ways of transportation go by, matrices. The 'one hop' 'two hop' 'three hop' and so on, kind of got me there. But i get it now, how if theres 2 stop overs that means theres 3 cities because your leaving from your city and you make the first stopover and thats one, then you get going and you make it to your destination which is your second and final stopover. I know Cait went over it again, but just reviewing!! This connectivity part of our unit is really helpful, we can apply this to our real lives, now or sometime in the future.Hmkai, laters!

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