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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

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hello every one. i am today's scribe we had two classes today. First class we worked with some calculator functions.
and i will start my scribe with Some calculator functions. And second Class was about international day of elimination for all kind of Racial Discrimination.

Some calculator Functions you should know
Sort A(List Name): Sort A Specific list in Acending order
Access -[stat] + [2]
Sum( List Name): Sum all the values in a list.
Access -[2nd] [stat] [>] [>] [5] - (Math)
Sum(List Name,low, high): Sums all the Values in a list from a specified longer value to a higher value.
Access: Same as above.

1-Var spots(List Name):
Calculates Statistics for the value in a specified list.

1-Var Stats(Values list Name, Frequencies list Name):
Calculates Statistics for values entered in 2 lists as a frequency table.
Access: [stat] [>] [1]
To access (and perhaps store) Statistics with "1-var stats" Command
x Acess: [vars] [5] [2]
SX Acess: [Vars] [5] [3]
OX Acess: [Vars] [5] [4]
Home Work
Mr.Kuropatwa asked us to sign up for a delicious account on the following web.
I won,t go in details but here is a short guidience on how to sign up.
-As you enter the web there is a box on the right asking you for user name, password and email Id.
After you get signed up the next thing you have to do is to enter the code from the box in the space below it.
Congratulations You are Signed Up
- It is strongly recommended that you should use Fire Fox by Mr.Kuropatwa simply by clicking on the following link and download a free Fire Fox.

This Spring you have to Find at least on link for each of the following topics.

- The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand things that you have problem with
by searching through google etc.and share it with other students in your class by posting it on the post box which is not yet uploaded on our blog.(but it will be uploaded soon)

I hope i provided you with enough information.if u have any questions concerns and bla bla... ask me in class tomorrow.

Rubi* is tomorrows Scribe

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