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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 


Hi guys sorry i'm late.

Here is what we covered second class. Mr:K gave us notes to write in our dictionaries.
These are the notes that were given to us

Complimentary Events
The compliment of an events ,E, is writtin as either E 'or E. The compliment of an events reffers to the cases here ,E, Does Not Occur

Example:- Drawing a heart from a deck of cards.
H'(the compliment)= drawing a card that is not a heart.

Calculation:- complimentary probabilities .

If P(E)=a Then P(E)'1-A

Example:Find the probability of filiping and pennies and gitting at least 1 heads.
Solution:-The compliment of "At least 1 head "is "no heads" or "3tails".

P(at least one head)
Dependant Events:- 2events are dependant if the outcome from second event depends on what occurs in the 1st event.
Example:-a bag contains 3 Red and 3 Blue Marbles. A marble drawn without placement. What is the probability that the 2nd Marble is Blue?

{It depends what happen in the 1st drawn.

Then Mr: k drew a triangel R =red B = blue.

R 2/5
/ P(RR)=(3/6)(2/5)=1/5
R 3/6 P(RB)=(3/6)(3/5)=3/10
\B 3/5 P(BB)=3/6)(2/5)=1/5
Either 3/10 or 1/5 -it depends on what happened 1st. so here
is easy way to solve P(2nd B0=3/10 add 1/5 = 3+2/10=5/10.
B 2/5

Independent Events :- 2 events are independents if the outcomer from the 1st event has no impact on the outcome of the 2nd event.
Example:-giving the same bag of marbles if a Marble is drawn with replacement them the probability of the second marble being blue is un effected by happened on the first .
R 3/6
\ B 3/6 They are Unchanged

R 3/6
\ B 3/6

Mutually Exclusive Events:- two or more events are mutually exclusive if they have no outcome in common.
i.e It is Impossible for both events to occur in the same "sample events", in other words the events have no intersection .

Example:- A=flip coin from A standard deck of card
C=draw A 4
B=roll a die 6 D=draw A head.

P(heads or 3)=P(H)+P(3)

p(4 and H)=P(4)+P(H)-P(4 and H)
=4/52+13/52-1/52=16/52 or you can still reduce 4/13
note P(4 and H)=1/4*13/52=1/52.

Sorry guys i didn't use any pictures because i don't know what is wrong with my software ,but anyway , those who didn't go to the class today i get one thing to remind you , we'll have pre-test on thursday and make sure everybody to do blogging on bloggging because the quicker you do it , the quicker you get feedback so keep that in mind.

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