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Monday, March 13, 2006 


the scribe for today is going to look short. statistics was the new title we learned. but it looks like continuation of probability. as we used probability to solve questions. we did a frequency table. but unfortunately i can't upload the file. i did the graph with microsoft excel and copied it to microsoft work. but it can't upload the doc. the second thing we did was a histogram sometimes called frequency distribution. kinds of data quantitative and qualitative. then they devide into decrete( one package) and continuous(various) . decrete bar graph and continuous histrogram. the difference between histogram and bar graph is that bar graph have spaces between trends and the data is decrete while histogram is continuous and no space between trends. i.e after a whole number for example: if the data is between 19.00-19.99 that is one trend after 19.99 the the next which is 20 will be on the next trend. we also learned probability distribution ( binomial distribution). probability distribution the sum always add up to one. binomial experiment there's always two way either success or fail. the other graph is uniform distribution i.e the data is the same in all trends. do #1-7 on page 102, 103 etc............. i am sorry if this notes is complicating. but as mr.k did not gave us any notes for this. i just wrote down what i understood about statistics.

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sorry but the post will be up really late. tomorrows scribe will be steph. thanks!

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