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Friday, March 24, 2006 

staistics scribe

Hello everyone! this is rubie...sorry i posted this scribel late...i was working and then i had to run to a friends house and use their computer so yeah please bare with me! Anyways today in class we started off with a quiz on statistics...then Mr. K gave us a couple of questions that we had to work on...here they are:

QUESTIONS: 1) Find the values of z and x :

2) To 3 demical places, find the area under the standard normal curve for each of the following (include a sketch with each answer)

3) The beanstalk club has a minimum height requirement of 5' 10". Women in north america have a mean height 5' 5.5" and the standard deviation of 2.5". what percentage of women are eligable ( include a sketch in your answer)

4)Find the probability that a radomly selected person has an IQ between 108 and 130, if the population is normally distributed with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 16. include a sketch with your answer.

*I dont think i have the right answers to these questions, so ill leave it at that! and im so sorry that this scribe of mine is really cheap and boring.......hope you guys aren't dissapointed!
For second Period we had a group assignment that we worked on in class.


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