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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Blogging on blogging

Well, it's that time again. Blogging in hope of finding answers before the test. So it's official, statistics is by far the hardest unit we've done. Well, that's what I think :P There are so many functions that you need to know on your calculator. I've found that if I haven't reviewed my notes for one night, it's hard to remember what did what, nevermind everything else you need to know. Finding z-scores and unknown values are easy. One thing I'm a bit 'iffy' on, is when you're given the percentage of the area under the normal curve and you need to use invNorm to find the value/z-score. But more importantly the most difficult problems are the binomial distribution, normal approximation and confidence intervals questions. It does take a lot of work to do the questions, but I think familiarizing ourselves more with the calculator is what's needed. Hopefully, with the help of a lot more practice, I can get everything figured out..

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