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Monday, April 10, 2006 

Blogging on Blogging

statistics was the hardest chapter of all. i think. doing more problems helped us alot. if we would have done the pre-test on friday. i think the result would have been bad. what scares me on this chapter is when the question doesn't mention what type of distribution to use. it lets you figure out what type of distribution to use. Doing this part is the hardest of all to me. i have couple of problems. that i would love to see answered in class, after the pre-test, before the real test. the question are as follows:

1) The weight of babies born at HSC averages 8 lbs, 10z (there are 16.0z in 1 lbs).

a) Find the percentage of babies with a birth weight between 7 lbs and 9 lbs.

b) Find the weight , w, such that the percentage of babies with a birth weight greater than w is 60%.

c) Find the weight w, such the percentage of babies with a birth weight less than w is 25%.

2) A college aplitude is scales 5000 that its scored approxiate a normal distribution with a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 100.

a) find the probability that a student selected random will score 800 or more points.

b) find the score x, such that 76%, of the student have a score.

i) less tahn x
ii) more than x

*that! thats all folks.

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