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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

The Crazy-Inflatable arm-flailing tube-man's Scribe

Hey Kids,

Sorry the scribe is a little late. But here was the Day:

We've Started a new unit: Personal Finance. For this unit, you will need both a Thinkfree.com account, and an Irows.com account. today, we worked on page 154 in our texts. the unit thus far is a reiteration of what we did in grade 11 personal finance, however we will be doing everything over the internet, using spreadsheets. I suggest you review how to use Excel spreadsheets, using page 154 for tomorrows class. This unit will be done mostly with Spreadsheets, so you will need to have an inane understanding of precisely how to use a spreadsheet. We had some trouble saving our stuff to thinkfree office, so it is highly recommended you register to Irows.com tonight, as you will be unable to do this through the school computers. your thinkfree account should also be up and running. KNOW YOUR PASSWORDS. This is critical. Many people forgot their passwords and got nothing done. If you'd like to get anything done tomorrow, it comes highly recommended by doctors and pharmacists that you do this.

We WILL be in the Computer lab every day this week and next. Hope you know how to use an Imac!!!

P.S. Tomorrows scribe will be..... RUBIE!

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