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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 


How you guys doing?

It’s just another bad day for me, and I’ll tell you why.
First, we had only one class today and Mr. K gave us a quiz but I thought it was just a group work, and I did very bad this quiz. It was 10\10. Guess how much I got. I did very badly that is not means I got 1\10 but if you think that, then you are too close. I got 3\10 but don’t think I’m stupid, because I did very badly, at the same time I’m still telling you that I did bad, but here is what I want to say, that was my mistake. I knew the material but I just misunderstood but you know it was a experience for me because I’ll never do it again at the same mistake.
Mr. K said anybody who got less than 8\10, you are in trouble, then what you think about me, I’m in a big trouble, but remember not only me I know somebody else also in a trouble.
So why can’t we come up with something different.
I get one suggestion and let us hear from you or give us your view.
Here is what I would like to suggest, first, if you understood the material and you know you doing fine, ask your friend or other classmates if they have a trouble or if they don’t understand what is going on, because you can help them, and also I believe they feel comfortable with you. If you don’t understand the material or you think that you need little help ask your friends say I need help and that is not shame that is how you learn.

Those who have time the days that we only have one class, let us come together and do something constructive i.e.(Homework).
If we come together, I’m telling you we can do a lot and I have experience for that, because before the spring break I had trouble with probability but in spring break we were meeting every two days once me , Caitlin and Mohamed. We couldn’t believe it how much we can do it. And that was helpful. Thanks Caitlin and Mohamed.

The rest of the period it was just writing notes in our dictionary.
Here you go




Calculates the area and draw the graph.
ShadeNorm(low value, high value, mean,STD.Dev.)STD.Dev Means standard deviation.
If you do not enter values for mean and STD.Dev. the calculator uses the standard normal curve; i.e. Mean=0 STD.Dev=1
Access: 2nd [Vars] [>][1]

For the standard normal curve we uses these { window} settings

Xmin=-5 Xmax=5 Xsc1=1
Ymin=-.2 ymax=.6 Ysc1=.1
Adjust the window setting if you use the values of Mean and STd.Dev that are different from the Mean=0 and STD.Dev=1.

Method two

Calculate the area; does not draw a graph.
Normalcdf(law value, high value, Mean, STD Dev.)
Access; 2nd [vars][2]

If you want to find the Z-Scores from which you know the area under the curve and below that Z-Score:

Access: 2nd [Vars][3]

If you want to know the probability that a particular value will occur in a normal distribution.

Normlpdf {Value, Mean,STD.Dev}
Access: [2nd ][Vars][1]

The above command is similar to the one below in a binomial distribution, to calculate the probability that a particular number of “successes” will occur we use:

Binompdf(# trial, probability, of success, # success)

If you want to list (and perhaps store) the probabilities for all possible (# of “successes”, for zero to the max omit. The last parameter

Binompdf(trials, probability of “success”

Access[2nd ][Vars][0]

To find the sum of the probabilities in a binomial distribution between two given “number of successes”
(this similarto using ShadNorm, or Normalcdf for normal distribution )

We use: binomcdf(# trials, probabilities of success, low # successes, high # successes)
Access: [2nd ][Vars][A]

I think that is all for today.
Make sure that you did your homework page 130 #1-8.
And also think about your blogging on blogging.

I want to see changes done by this Thursday, because we only have one class.

There is two things can happen, whether you help for someone, or you get help.


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