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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 


Hi Im your scribe for today. Well Im sorry I couldnt put the post up earlier. I was put on the spot by somebody so go easy on me lol.

Today in class we did a review on vectors.

Vector: a diagram which shows both direction (North,East,South,West) and magintude. Ex. of magnitude (force,weight, distance,etc.)

We learned about the 5 different directions.

They are as follows:

Bearing of 045°
North 45° West
East 45° North
45° North of East
45° East of North

Notice that they are all different but mean the same thing. Same direction

*Note right angles are equal to 90°. (45+45=90)
Same as if the angle was 60°. (60+30=90)

We learned how to add vectors to find the resultant. Ex. Tug-o-war A force of 50N pulling east and a force of 60N pulling West.

Resultant is 10N west

Another Example:
Pulling a tree stump out of the ground. A force of 50N pulling West and a force of 50N pulling at a bearing of 40°.

We can make a copy of the vector and add it to the original one. Because it has the same direction and magnitude we can do the following to help find the resultant.

Example 2:
Given the same exact diagram but different situation. A golfer hits a ball 50ft west and 60ft with a bearing of 050°

The following example is a triangle. You can now use the Cosine law to figure out the resultant vector. c2=a2+b2-2abcosC

*Note the Cosine Law only needs to be used once and should only be used if met under one of these circumstances:

You are given side, side, side
or side, angle, side (which was given in this example).

Well this is what we did in class. Hopefully you can understand it.

*Homework was what we were given before pg 307 #'s 1-8
and the new stuff is on pg 318 #'s 1-9*

Next Scribe is the only person left which is Reign. Then it starts all over again.

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