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Monday, April 24, 2006 


Just so you know, I was caught by surprise and didn't know that I was suppose to be the scribe for today since I didn't read the last scribe post. Luckily not much happened today so I'll give a brief description of what happened in class.

In the morning, Mr. K talked about a new site for us to use. The URL is am40s.pbwiki.com. Next he put us into groups to work on a problem with multiple vectors. We just use the COSINE LAW or the SOLVETRI program on our calculators to solve the problem. Some had trouble with the problem and Mr. K decided not to take in the group assignment so we all worked on the problem together.

In the afternoon, we continued to finish solving the problem since we ran out of time in the morning and then we had a homework test. Then he assigned us some questions to do in the textbook for homework.

HOMEWORK: p. 341, #1-9 (I don't think we have to do #1 since it seems more like an experiment.)


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