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Sunday, April 30, 2006 


So on friday we only had one class and it was shortened because we had an assembly. Mr K was explaining to us how we could become millionaires if we saved a certain amount of money from our paycheques every pay day. He showed us with the TVM Solver on our calculators. On the TI-83's we press the Apps button, choose the finance menu and then choose the TVM Solver.

this is what you should get on your screen.

N = number of deposits [month]
I% = annual interest rate as a percent
PV = principal or starting value [opening balance]
PMT = payment [negative value for investments]
FV = future value
P/Y = number of payments per year
C/Y = number of compounding periods per year

after you enter in all the known values you have, highlight the value you want to find then press Alpha solve.

unfortunately i dont have my calculator with me so i cant show you guys step by step what we did to make us millionaires, but i will definately post it up as soon as i get it back.

tomorrows scribe will be jason.

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