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Saturday, April 22, 2006 

Solving Vector with given 3 magnitudes.

Hi guys sorry for the delay,,, Mr. Kuropatwa introduced a new type of problem in vector which is kind of harder than the other problems.. But still we can use the parallelogram method. So this is the example of that kind of problem.

3 forces of 30N, 45N, and 50N act on a body. The first is in the direction 50* west of north, the second is in the direction of EAST 30* NORTH and the third is on the bearing 135*. Find the resultan force...
Here is the solution:

There is another method we can use to solve this type of problem ..... the triangle method, it is somewhat similar to paralellogram method because they using the same angles to solve a problem,,, their only difference is that triangle method is using a tringle.....

for the next scribe its Andrew

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