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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

Today we had two periods. Mr.K was not present for today, but there was a sub Ms. Adam. she let us do our previous vectors homeworks and the assighments she handed out the previous day. then she assigned us group work. After that she gave us new assignment "Vector Problems set 3". Ask Mr.K on friday if you don't have one. Ms. Adam did on the board questions #4 and #8.
page 328.

#4. A small aircraft on a heading of [225] is cruising at 150km/h. it encounters a wind that blows toward [345] at 35km/h. find the aircraft's resultant velocity.

#8. A kayak is paddled at 8Km/h towards [330] while an ocean current carries the kayak at 3.2km/h towards [170], what is the resultant velocity of the kayak?

* i will post the graphical image of #4 later, but i couldn't upload the graphic image of #8.

* I think it would be nice if Mr.K showed us how to use the SIN Law, and when to use it, as it is sometimes a long method.

that's all folks.

tomorrow scribe is PATRICK. i was filling in for Patrick tonight, i.e. i fill in Patrick tonight, he would do the following night. Anywho bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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