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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 


Well here's my little blog on this unit for vectors. Althought Mr. K said that everything kind of goes downhhill after statistics, I was kind of surprised at how much I actually struggled with this unit. I don't know what it was about the unit. At first I had problems drawing the diagrams asked. But after I overcame that, I started having trouble with the entire problem. Like I mean, for some reason, I just couldn't interpret what I was being asked. But as we did more and more problems, it became better. Here are the key things that I needed to remember. When drawing the diagrams, make sure you draw them big, because it can become quite confusing, and not to mention messy and this is what can cause you to get the incorrect answer. Another thing about drawing the diagrams is to know exactly in what direction it's going. What I mean, is that you should know and familiarize yourself with the 5 ways that you can write directions.

For example:
N40° E is 40 degrees to the right of the North.
65° S of W = 65 degrees going downward from West.

So I guess I just wasn't used to the directions and such. Another useful thing you should do is labelling all the angles in the diagram even if you don't use it. It's just a good habit of doing that so that you don't miss any important information you might need. Other than that, everything else was pretty straight forward. Luckily, I managed to become somewhat comfortable with doing these problems before the pre-test. Hopefully I can keep it up for the test :P

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