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Saturday, May 06, 2006 

The Crazy Inflatable Flailing-Arm Man's Scribe

Hey kids,

Thursday. We didn't do a whole lot, we finished P. 170-171 , as everyone was WAY behind (that took up 1.5 classes), and afterwards my K. taught us about Credit card debts. Did you know credit cards compound Interest 365 times a year? Mr. K. Said it was better to get a credit card with a slightly lower interest rate, than to get one with X-amount of months of no interest, and a slightly higher interest rate, as in the long run, you'll wind up saving money. He also said we should upload all of our files to our thinkfree.com or Irows.com web-based word processors, as if we need to, we can reach them from home. He also reiterated that companies that charge interest are more willing to give you a far better interest rate if you negotiate between them and other companies.

It was mostly a work-based class, and so we really didnt do a whole lot in terms of learning new information.

Mondays scribe will be: Muuxi

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