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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

(>O_o)> .: Periodic Functions:. <(o_O<)

The first class of math Mr. K gave us this questions to do.

Convert to Radicals: A) 105 B) 11 C) 450




Convert to Degrees: A) (7*3.14)/6 B) 3.52 C) -2




after that Mr.K gave us a chart ( I can't remember what we are ask to do for this one, but I think we are ask to graph this chart).

Instructions on how to graph.

1) press the "STAT" Key, in the L1 column put the numbers 1-12( 1-12 represents the months) and in L2 column put the hours of Sunlight.
2) Press the "STAT" Key again and then go to the "CALC" menu by pressing the right arrow key. Once in the "CAlC" menu press the up arrow key once and you'll see the "SinReg" Function, then press enter (Now in your main screen you should see a SinReg thing).
3)Now hit "2nd" ( second function) key and press "1" this will put your L1 column, then hit the "," then "2nd" "2" this will put your L2 column, add a "," again, then hit the "VARS" key and go to the Y-VARS menu by pressing the right arrow key once, then press the number 1 or pick the first one on the list. After that pick Y1 .( In your Main Screen you should have this:
SinReg L1,L2,Y1 )
4)Once you press enter, the calculator will do all the calculations for us and it will put it in the "Y=" menu.
5) turn on the plot 1 ( To turn on the plot one menu hit the "2nd" "Y=" then press enter twice.),Once the plot1 is on go to your "Zoom" menu then pick "ZoomStat" or press the number 9.
6) hit the "GRAPH" hey and the calculator will show you a picture.

If the picture didn't show up then you should go to the "MODE" menu and put it on RADIAN.

We learned a little about Sin function, a Sin graph looks like this.
The equation of this line is......I'm not sure if it's y= Sin (X) or y=A SinB(x-c)+D.
tomorrow our teacher will teach us more about this Sin thing.

The next scribe will be KHAN.

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This post is Fantastic!

Detailed solutions to example problems, colourful instructive graphics, and the step-by-step calculator instructions were so helpful that your classmates have been printing your post to help them with their homework.

Bravo! This post made it into The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame. Congratulations!

Hi Reign,

Congratulations on your induction into the Scribe Post Hall of Fame!!

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