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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 

Scribe for May 1/06

Sorry everyone that this scribe post is a day late. I was unaware of that I was the scribe. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I'll try to talk about everything new we learned and then do the scribe post for today.

Well Mondays class was in the Mac Lab. First thing we did was get the "Buying or Leasing template". To find it you have to click on Go on the top menu, then click on connect to network I belive. Then you type SMB://DMC018/2STUDENT$ into the adress bar. ( I can't remember if its case sensative) After that you find and click on Mr. K's folder and open the Buying or Leasing template. Then your supposted to copy it into your folder.

Then we where taught how to do the same thing the the spread sheet does but on our TI-83 Calculator using the TVM Solver. If you have a TI-83 + you just access it by pressing apps then its the first option Finance. If you only have the TI-83 I think there is its own button for Finance. This is what the screen looks like:

N: number ( how long you plan to lease it)
I%: the interest rate
PV: the present value ( which when comes to leasing it is the purchase price)
PMT: payment ( the payments made. Usually negative)
FV: Future Value ( usually the purchase option price. Also negative )
P/Y: Payments per year
C/Y: Componding periods per year

All you do is plug the information you have onto the screen. It also works the same way with investments. If there is one thing that you do not have a value for you simply highlight it then press alpha slove and you will be given the value.

Well thats all I can recall from yesterdays class.
The scribe post for today will be up later tonight.

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