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Tuesday, May 09, 2006 


Hello everyone..
Sorry guys i was working til 4:00am.
today we have two classes.
First period Mr. K talked to about Buy Or Rent a house? The answer is easy Buy if you can afford, Mr. K also explained the benefit of buying a house. If we assume that Mr. Ks house bought $100,000 but Mr. K didn’t had that much cash in his pocket, but he loaned from the bank so after 7 years his house has value of $200,000 at the same Mr. K was making his monthly payment, so let’s assume that he paid 50,000, and now he wants to sell his house the price of $200,000. First ,he has to pay 50,000 to his bank then he’ll get the rest of the money.
Let us say that you live my house because you rented so every payment that you make I’m paying my mortgage, so it’s better to buy your own house if can afford.
The other thing that we talked to about in class today was when you are a new house buyer you have one chance because normally when you are buying a house you have to have 25% of the value of the house but if you are a new or this your first house you only have to make 5% of down payment, and this deal you’ll never get again.
The second class Mr. K gave us chance to work our assignment.
Here is our home work for today.
Page 184 section 4.5 make sure you start with investigation then examples and last exercise 1-7 and also section 4.6 investigation and exercise 1,2 and 3. So homework start page 184-194 good luck
Sorry again about being late.

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