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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 


Ahh, sorry guys, I didn't get home until a few minutes ago and realized I still had this to do. Damn you Muuxi, damn you :P (Kidding, kidding ;) )!!

We actually didn't do much today in class, just worked some more in our text book. At this point we should be well in to Page 178-179 (1-7) ... Unfortunately I've fallen behind a little. I hope you guys are up to par! There was also that investigation on page 184 I believe.

Mr. K talked about how he's paying weekly on his house, because it shaves off years of payment and thousands of dollars are saved. Remember, when making payments, you want accelerated weekly, but then every 3 months there's an extra payment (52 weeks in a year, not 48).

We have one more class tomorrow to work on all of our stuff from this unit.

I'm pretty sure that's it, and again, I am so sorry that this is late.

Dom is tomorrow's scribe.

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