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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 


Today we only have one period, the unit is done and we are going to have a pre-test on thursday and our unit test would be on friday ... but before anything else here is what happened on our class today.. We did couple of problems regarding on applying periodic functions on a data collected..

*Problem Solving
---> Based on the data collected over the last 30 years, the average high temperature for regina are shown.

Part I
A. sketch the graph
B. find the equation for the data by approximating values for each parameter
A,B,C and D
C. Use your function to calculate the temp. on
Apr. 15th (using calculator)
Part II.
A. Find the equation of the data(using table of
B. Use your equation to calculate the temp. on
Apr. 15th
C. Why is the value different from the one

Part I

Equation: Y = 18.65 sin[2ii/ 12(x-3.75)] +7.65
B.) A = 18.65
.....B = 2ii / 12
.....C = 3.75
.....D = 7.65

C.) Using the 2nd calc.-->VALUE button in the Ti83 calculator we found the temp on April 15(4.5) is 14.78 degrees celsius.

Part II

A. using these values from the list: press STAT>CALC ^ SINREG enter 2nd L1, 2nd L2,Y2, press VARS> Y-VARS 1 Function enter Y2
Equation: 19.6 sin (.48X - 1.82) + 7.33
B. Using 2nd CAlC Value X= 4.5 the temp. for Aprill 15 == 14.78 degrees celsius

Group Work Problem

*Cottage owner Brad measures the depth of the water in his dock 10 times during the course of one day. The water keeps changing because of the tides. The times are based on the 24-hour clock, and written in decimal form (i.e 5:45AM is 5.75 hours) The charts shows the times and the water depths A. Sketch a rough graph and write the appropriate equation for the values indicated.B. Use the calculator to find the equation of the values.
......Store the TIME and DEPTH values in L1 and L2. Then press STAT > CALC ^ SinReg Enter...SinReg L1,L2,Y2...then the equation is .................Y = 0.814 sin(X - 0.862) + 3.25

C. What is the depth of the water at 23:00 hours(11pm)?
......Graph the equation in the calculator then press 2nd CALC, Value 0f X = 23 Enter
......depth at 23 hours is 3.125 meters
D. What is the median depth of the water?
16 m + 5.75 m / 2 = 10 .88m

next scribe is jesse

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