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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 


Hey all, it is i todays scribe NIKKI!! Yeah today we didnt dooo tooo much all we did was had a quiz and were assigned questions, i will be posting the questions from the Quiz and tellin u about wat we will be doing tomorrow k KOOL :)!!!!

QUIZ 1 on Sequences and Series

1.Write the first 3 terms of the sequences generated by each of the following functions:

(a) f(x)=4x-3 (b) g(x)=2X3^x
4(x-3)=1 2X3^x=6
8(x-3)=5 2X3^2=18
12(x-3)=9 2X3^3=54
1,5,9 is the answer 6,18,54 is the answer

2.Write the function that generates each of the following sequences:

(a) 1,-2,4,-8,16... (b) 10,5,2.5,1.25...
Tn=T1-2^(n-1) Tn=T1(1/2)^(n-1)

3.Consider the following sequence: 3,6,12,24...

(a) Find the 8th term of the sequence.
n Min= 1 The 8th Term is 384

(b) Find the Nth term of the seqence.
Tn= T1(n-1)*2

4.An army is marching in a triangular array: 1 soldier in the first row, 3 in the second row, 5 in the third row, 7 in the fourth row. etc.

(a) If each soldier requires 4 feet of space in a row, how long is the 53rd row?
nMin=1 The 53rd row is 105
u(n)=u(n-1)+2 To get the length of the 53rd row u take 105 and multiply it by 4.
u(nMin)={3} 105*4=420 Ft.

(b) What is the total number of soldiers in rows 22 through 87?
nMin=1 u(1,87)-->L1
u(n)=u(n-1)+2 sum(L1,22,87)
u(nMin)={3} =7128

I hope all of my answers were correct cause i didnt do too wellon the Quiz :)!!! BUt yeah thats wat we did for the Quiz it wasnt long but it was spur of the moment!!!!

Now for homework we have to do Pg.295 #1-7!!!!!!!!!
For tomorrows class we will be taking up Design and Measurment cause we never really learned it in class n thats for tomorrow!!!!
A few tips for the Exam:
1) Make sure you lay out your exam in the outmost detail, like dont forget a degree sign or anything like that because those can cause u to lose critical marks on the exam!!!!
2) For our exam on the 13th it will be on Design and Measurment and on Sequences!!!1
3) Dont forget to read all your homework and study paper at least 6 times through because your going to need all your work to be engraved into your memory!!!!!

Well thats all for now i hope you take these tips into consideration and dont forget exams are only next week so take this weekend to prepare!!!!!!!

ps sorry for the late scribe post :)

Next Srcibe will BEEEEE!: SHANE

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