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Monday, February 06, 2006 


Hello well this one is going to be shorter and simpler cause i did a really really long one and it went missing so yeah sorry for the confusion but it is I Nicole blogging and informing those of you who missed today or need some more info on wat we did today. This is for the 40s Applied Math class by the way :) Today is DAY 1 Feb.6/06

1. Ethics

We had an introduction to what we will be doing on the internet, like blogging and emailing and reading and all tat jazz, so yeah and u must check out the site daily because it is part of the
6 steps of remembering that i will talk about in a bit.

We learned about what scribes must do and that is what i am doing right now which wil be updating you on and anyone else on what we learned in class and what not, oh and everyone gets a chance to do this job so enjoy everybody:)

We filled out a Student Information Sheet for Mr.K which will help him learn a bit more about each of us and stuff and he can learn about our dislikes and likes!:) WAHOOO

Oh and we cant forget that the blogs we had to submit last Friday are or were do today, and for those of us who werent there last Friday we have a chance and our blogs must be in by tomorrow so dont forget about that EH!!!

We learned about 6 ways in whcih we can remember our work that we learned today and every other day that we did work and here they are:

- 1st step to remembering will be when we are listening to Mr.K talk about what we wil be doing.

-2nd step will be when we are writting down what Mr.K is talking about.

-3rd step will be when you go home and check out the daily scribe blog which will contain what we have learned or our lesson for that day.

-4th step will be up to you, because you must call a friend or chill with a friend from your class and just briefly go over what you did in class, like talk about it ! :)

-5th step will also be up to you, actually entirely becuase it is a time to be responsible, so at least once during your free time take another minute and look over your notes and do it just because.

-6th step will be before you go to sleep or something, you will take out your notes and just read them again and then go to sleep.

Follow these steps and you shouldnt have trouble remembering, and it is critical you do this cause the very next day of class you or we will be learning something entirely different so be prepared:) !!!!

Mr.K gave us a little Pep talk about what we whould not put on the internet on any site which requests a picture or last name. These rules are mentioned at the beginning of the blog site but i'm goin to tell you agian: NO PICTURES OF YOURSELF-if you want a pic. put one of something that defines you or something like that and NO pics. of family members. NO LAST NAMES :)

Here is todays lesson all writtin out for you, just for you!!!!

Matrix: A table of numbers arranged in rows and columns conrtined(?) in square brackets. The plural of Matrix is Matricies. They are usually named using capital letters.

Example:A= [1234]- this is a matrix row which is one of the many different types of matricies.

Dimensions of a Matrix: Determined by the number of rows and columns.

Written as: r x c Expressed as: "r by c"

Example: Matrix A is a 3 by 4 (3x4) Matrix

Element of a Matrix (AKA entry)
-one of the values of a Matrix
-The "address" of each value is expressed by its row and column position.

Example: A23 = 6 [read as:"a-two-three"]
The element in the 2nd row, 3rd column of Matrix A is 6.
A=Element in Matrix A 2=Row 3=Column

This is what we learned in class today and what we must write down in out Dictionaries (our little Hilroy book :) ).

Our dictionary is our book that is worth 10% of our mark so dont forget to write in it everytime we are asked and keep it nice and tidy all of the time, meaning no doodleing on the cover :)

This is the end of the Scribe or my scribe and for tomorrows i choose the boy NICKY AKA Nick have fun and have a good day :)

Français/French Deutsch/German Italiano/Italian Português/Portuguese Español/Spanish 日本語/Japanese 한국어/Korean 中文(简体)/Chinese Simplified Nederlands/Dutch

This is a good scribe post Nikki. I like the amount of detail you included. It will be really helpful for anyone who missed class and for everyone when it comes time to review for the test and final exam.

Way to go!

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