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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Blogging on Blogging (Vectors - Ivy)

all right..... what do i know about vectors...well....you know about the angels, it makes me confuse.... but i figure it out someway. well hopefully...i don't know if im going to do good in this unit..but i need.to do good..or else i'm not going to get my credit.... i know i did bad in probability and statistics...i didn't really go look on my note or review so it's my fault...and i am working fulltime in the evening.. but anyways.. well.. problem is in this case..... in grade 10 i didn't understand trigonometry the sohcahtoa thing or the cosinlaw i don't even know how the heck i passed that course..but anyways....i've been looking through my notes and i was trying to understand it...and i actually did get it..i just need to take more time to look on my notes.. and hopefully i'll pass.

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