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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 


First of all cool...our blog is multiligual.....anyways...

What I've learn about matrices is pretty a lot, first it was confusing why learning all this stuff when i actually can't get money from it....hahahaha..but everything changed...matrices is actually a significant topic in math...it really applies math in it....In transition matrix first i was struggling to learn it...because i wasn't in class by the time they were learning it....I'm actually a lazy type of student satisfied with a 50 percent grade....but since i was in this class.. i think applied is easy to learn...trust mee i hated applied eversince grade 10....because of our introduction topic of matrices i was interested...and chose to go to class everyday...i just think matrices is a fun topic.it..twist your mind..but you need to twist it back to get it.... i think i'm writting a story now... butt anywayss.. that'ss ittttttttttttt. Hopefully I'm able to get all the questions this friday for the test.

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Mornin' Kids.

It's Nik # 1/2. Forgot my password to sign in.
That Makes me 1/2 as good as Nikki, which is twice as good as she isnt, if that didn't make any sense. Solve for X.

Anyways, I didn't really understnad the whole matrices unit for the first 2 days, but then i went and bugged mr K after class for 20 minutes. Anyways, if your having trouble, go bug mr. K. I was initially having trouble with the differences between transition matrices and State Matrices. The difference is that State matrices give the way something already is, such as population. Transition matrices give the way things change from time period to time period. Thats the best I can explain it in english. What a horrible language.
Well, I hope that didn't not make any sense

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