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Thursday, May 25, 2006 

B.O.B(Ivy 05/25/06)

The Periodic Function Unit (B.O.B)

hmmm....This unit for me at first was easy..but when we got to this problems now I'm in trouble...I didn't find A,B,and D hard to get but C is. About C first I was cool with it, by doing the sketch by looking at the formula y=AsinB(x-C)+D and by converting formula to sketch it was cool. I also like doing the converting Radians to Degrees and the other way. I really do need to review, like whoa...for the last units we have, I never did study and I ended up failing the tests, and I really do feel bad about it, one thing is I also keep hustling, and just let my studies go for a passing mark, oh whatever.. but yeah, need to focus this is the last time I'm going to study math.. ahehehehe. Oh. Yeah..I also feel bad about missing the last class this afternoon

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