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Sunday, June 18, 2006 

Student Survey Results

We did a little survey in class the day after we recorded our podcapsule. The results are below; 17 students participated. So, without any further ado, here are the results of our class' survey. Please share your thoughts by commenting (anonymously if you wish) below .....

Classroom Environment
The questions in this section were ranked using this 5 point scale:

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree

The bold numbers after each item are the average ratings given by the entire class.

1. The teacher was enthusiastic about teaching the course. 4.88

2. The teacher made students feel welcome in seeking help in/outside of class. 4.65

3. My interest in math has increased because of this course. 3.76

4. Students were encouraged to ask questions and were given meaningful answers. 4.53

5. The teacher enhanced the class through the use of humour. 4.47

6. Course materials were well understood and explained clearly by the teacher. 4.47

7. Graded materials fairly represented student understanding and effort. 4.24

8. The teacher showed a genuine interest in individual students. 4.12

9. I have learned something that I consider valuable. 4.29

10. The teacher normally came to class well prepared. 4.59

Overall Impression of the Course
The questions in this section were ranked using this 5 point scale:

Very PoorPoorAverageGoodVery Good

1. Compared with other high school courses I have taken, I would say this course was: 4.65

2. Compared with other high school teachers I have had, I would say this teacher is: 4.65

3. As an overall rating, I would say this teacher is: 4.53

Course Characteristics
The questions in this section were ranked using this 5 point scale:

Very EasyEasyAverageDifficultVery Difficult

1. Course difficulty, compared to other high school courses: 3.35

2. Course workload, compared to other high school courses: 3.31
(This question answered by 16 students.)

3. Hours per week required outside of class:
(This question answered by 16 students.)

0 to 22 to 33 to 55 to 7over 7

4. Expected grade in the course:
(This question answered by 14 students.)


Specific Feedback
What was your best learning experience in this course?

Design & Measurement
Real life applications of math (2)
Almost everything
Online tools
All but Statistics
Stories about the Greeks and infinity
Scribes (3)
Blogging (4)
Wiki assignment
"Say it six times"
Group work (2)
Learning to use graphing calculator
Using the internet for learning
How teachers love teaching

What was your worst learning experience in this course?

The exam
Using the iMac lab for the Personal Finance unit
None (4)
Not getting tests back quickly
Fear of asking questions
Homework quizzes
Personal Finance (2)

What changes would you suggest to improve the way this course is taught?

More stories and extra topics (2)
Math dictionaries
More Projects
None (3)
Give notes on using the graphing calculator
Give tests back quickly (4)
Give regular grade updates
More jokes
More wiki work
Teach Personal Finance using only the graphing calculator

It's interesting to compare the items that were considered both the worst and best learning experiences. Also, take a look at the list of worst learning experiences compared to suggestions for next year. Help me do a better job next year by commenting on what you see here ....

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